The Score at Neptune Theater in Seattle

Like most, music is a big part of my life.  I listen to music every single day, several times a day.  Over a year ago, I discovered The Score, a band based out of Los Angeles and I have been hooked ever since on them.  You need motivational music that you can move to?  Look no further than The Score.  When they offered their first actual album (mind you, they have EP’s which I do have) available for pre-sale, you bet your ass I ordered it.   So, the only thing I had been waiting for is for them to go on tour, hitting near the Seattle area.  Finally, FINALLY, it happened on Saturday.  They were one of the opening acts for Echosmith, Inside a Dream Tour.  Let me tell you, well worth the wait!  They did not disappoint!

*Setting up the equipment.  Eddie on the guitar and Edan is in the white shirt. 

They opened up with one of my favorite songs off the new album, Who I Am.  “Take me as I am or don’t, cause I don’t give a damn no. I have my flaws, I make mistakes.  But I’m myself, I’m not ashamed.  That’s who I am, oh, that’s who I am, oh, that’s who I am, oh.  I have my doubts, I lose my strength.  Sometimes I fall, but I don’t break.  That’s who I am, oh, that’s who I am, oh, that’s who I am, oh.

Some other songs included Revolution, Unstoppable, Strange, as well as Miracle (another strong favorite) and Higher.  Of course, they couldn’t forget to play one of their more known and popular songs, Legend!  “Blood, sweat, I’ll break my bones, ’till all my scars bleed golden.  My name’s forever known, bang, bang, won’t stop till we’re legends!

Overall, it was so much fun.  They brought so much energy to the stage and absolutely killed it.  After their set was over, the headed to the merch booth to do some meet & greet.  I picked up a shirt as well as a poster.  They were kind enough to sign my ticket (something I tend to have signed if I ever meet a band) and my poster.  Eddie even commented on liking my AC/DC shirt, but let’s be real, who doesn’t love AC/DC?  They were both super nice and Edan kindly took a picture of all three of us (thank the lord for tall guys with long arms).  The crazy thing to all of this, I wasn’t even sure I was actually going to go.  I started getting major anxiety thinking about driving downtown Seattle, trying to find parking, not getting lost.  You know, the stereotypical “Hi, I’m your mind, let me tell you all the ways this could go wrong!”  In the end, I told my mind to shut the fuck up lol and remembered when I was a teenager and in my younger twenties, how I would travel across the state (Texas) by myself with NO GPS to a concert.  I wasn’t going to allow my mind to win that war.  Parking wasn’t terrible nor pricey, I didn’t get lost once, and I had an absolute blast!  I can’t wait for them to come back up here again (hopefully sooner, rather than later).  If you haven’t listened to them, I highly recommend!  My absolute favorite song from them is Believe.  There are days that my mind gets away from me and I will listen to that song on repeat to help bring me back.  Well, I guess that is enough for now.  Thanks for stopping by and until next time!