My Makeup Wishlist…🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤


Hey everyone!  I hope you are doing well and you are having a great Friday!  Got any plans for the weekend?  I’m not going to be doing much here, just scheduling a few posts for next week and playing with my girls.  For today’s post, however, I thought I would share some makeup items that are on my wishlist.  Now, I really don’t want my blog to turn into, “You need this, buy this product, you should totally get this product,” even though I have posted a few hauls.  What I want my blog to focus on is using makeup, repurposing makeup, and truly finding the outstanding products in my collection.  So, when I say these products are on my makeup wishlist, they are for one all drugstore prices and two, products I will purchase AFTER I have used up what’s in my collection.  If you are curious as to what those products are, well, then keep on reading!  Side note, I do not own any of these products, all pictures were taken from Just so we are clear!



1. Ardell Matte Whipped Lipstick in Upscale Flavor ($9.99 US)
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I don’t know about you, but I am a definite sucker for lip products.  Obsession is real, especially when it comes to liquid lipsticks.  I want to try every brand on the market and find the absolute best liquid lipstick.  Now, I don’t know if I will ever get around to purchasing this product just due to the fact of my large liquid lipstick collection and the fact I have yet to fully use up a lip product.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I have never panned any form of lip product.  So, for now, I am doing everything in my power NOT to pick up ANOTHER lip product.  I do NOT need it.  Also, knowing my luck, it would be a dupe for something in my collection anyway.



2. Burt’s Bees Blush with Vitamin E in the shade Toasted Cinnamon ($9.99 US)
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This blush literally screams at me.  Personally, I am a fan of a more neutral, brown toned blush.  I don’t like pink nor peach blushes.  One shade that I have always adored as a blush was in the Limited Edition Champagne Pop Collection called Amaretto.  It is more of a brown-toned blush.  This reminds me of it.  I know Kathleen loves this blush shade a lot and it looks beautiful on her, even though she has a bit deeper skin tone than myself.  Once I use up my blushes, which God knows how long that will take, I will definitely purchase this bad boy.



3. Catrice Prime and Fine Dewy Glow Fixing Spray ($5.99 US)
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I don’t quite remember what post I mentioned my love of dewy setting sprays, but I love dewy setting sprays haha.  I happened to see Taylor use this in a video and she’s been hooked on it since and I am totally sucked into this bad boy.  This looks like it gives the skin a very luminous, almost wet appearance even after it dries, but it didn’t look oily on her.  She also said it dried pretty quickly and didn’t feel tacky.  I definitely look for that in a dewy setting spray.  So, again, once I use up my current sprays, this will be purchased!



4. FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Full Coverage Concealer ($9.99 US)
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Yet another Taylor recommendation.  The reason I’m interested in this concealer is that it looks more hydrating than most other concealers.  Also, the YouTubers that I have watched who love this said it wasn’t very heavy on the under eyes and they didn’t feel it dried them out.  As I’m getting older, I’ve noticed I’m not a fan of dryer formulas for concealers.  So, I definitely would like to give this concealer a try in the future.



5. Milani Baked Blush in Rose D’oro ($7.99 US) & Milani Baked Bronzer in Glow ($8.99 US)
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Bronzer: Affiliate Link | Regular Link
Both the Baked Blush and Bronzer from Milani have been in the back of my mind for years, but I never picked them up.  Don’t ask me why because truly I have no idea.  However, the tones of both of these look absolutely beautiful.  I have tried the Romantic Rose blush from Milani but ended up passing that along to a friend because unfortunately it never showed up on my skin, no matter how much I tried to build it up.  But these, these look beautiful.  The bronzer shade doesn’t appear (least online) too orange.  That’s the problem I have with most bronzers for my skin tone is they run immensely orange on my skin.  Do any of my fair skin folks have that problem?  Do any of you with deeper skin tones ever have that problem with bronzers appearing orange?  If you have any suggestions for a bronzer that doesn’t pull orange, please leave them in the comments!  I’d love to check them out in the future!


So that does it for my current makeup wishlist.  I don’t have any palette’s on this list because most palettes are the same thing, just switched up a bit and in different packaging.  I feel I can dupe pretty much any palette that holds some interest in my mind with what is in my collection.  Is there any makeup that is currently on your makeup wishlist?  Or, have you tried any of the products that I mentioned above?  What do/did you think of them?  Or do you have some recommendations?  Please let me know in the comments!  The more help, the better!  Well, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my post and until next time!