New Year’s Eve Glam Eye Look | New Year's Eve Glam Eye Look

Hey gang, how’s it going?  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, you spent it either with loved ones or relaxing alone.  As I mentioned previously, I did one Christmas this past Saturday with my boyfriend and his son and then another on actual Christmas day.  Both went wonderfully, spent time with amazing people, ate amazing food, watched amazing movies, haha.  Let me know how your Christmas went!  I’d love to hear about all the yummy food you ate, movies you watched, and if you got anything really special.  Well, today I thought I’d bring you a New Year’s Eve Glam Eye Look.  This was originally supposed to go up yesterday and it is going up later tonight because I’ve been hesitant to post this.  Anytime I do a type of tutorial post I’m always leery.  Mostly because I’m not a makeup artists, I don’t specialize in makeup, and I don’t feel as if it is worthy of sharing, do you know what I mean?  Then I thought, fuck it.  Everyone starts somewhere and not everyone is looking for the same kind of look offered on YouTube.  So here it is, my New Year’s Eve Glam.  So if you are interested, just keep on reading! | New Year's Eve Glam Eye Look

For this look, I knew there was going to be fallout so I wanted to do my eyes first.  As you can see, my brows are already done, I used a bit of concealer as my primer and set it with a powder close to my skin tone.


The palette I decided to pull out of my collection for this look is the Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette.  Starting out, I took a bit of this warm camel shade and worked that into the crease with a fluffy brush.


Next I took the midtone, almost cool toned brown and worked that into the crease with a fluffy brush.  Don’t mind the skipping on my inner half, that happens with every single shadow, I have a weird inner part on both of my eyes.


Taking the darker brown and a smaller crease brush, I focus this shade more on my outer corner and outer half of my crease.


Taking the black on a small crease brush, I focus this shade on the outer corner of my eye.


Taking the more taupey silver shade, using my finger, I press that shade from the inner corner to the edge of the center of my lid. | New Year's Eve Glam Eye Look

Before taking a bit more of the black, I wanted to add a bit more sparkle to my look.  So I grabbed my Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner in the shade GLAM ROCK.  I painted that all over my lid and then let it dry for a few minutes. Once dry,  I picked up a bit more of the black and gently dabbed it on the outer corner and blended the edges just a smidge.


Then to help blend everything together, I picked up more of that warm camel shade and blended it over everything.


After I cleaned up the fallout, did the rest of my face makeup, I went back to finish up the eyes.  On the inner rim of my eyes, I used a black pencil liner and lined both the upper and lower waterline.  Then I took that dark brown out of the palette and smoked that on my lower lash line.


To finish up the eyes, I just coated my lashes with a little bit of mascara and called it good.  You can absolutely do a winged liner with this look or even add lashes to enhance this eye look further.  You do you boo!


And here is the completed look!  For lips, I decided to throw on my Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in the shade TAR PIT. because if you have read my posts for a while, you know how much I love wearing black lipstick!


So that’s it!  That is my New Year’s Eve Glam look that I thought I would share with you!  I actually wore this look to Christmas Eve dinner and plan on wearing it for New Year’s Eve, although I might add lashes, who knows?!  Hopefully this was easy enough to follow, I’m still new to this whole tutorial thing and hopefully, the pics were clean enough.  You just gotta use what you got and try to make the best of it!  I hope you guys have a great night and until next time!