New Year’s Eve Glam Eye Look | New Year's Eve Glam Eye Look

Hey gang, how’s it going?  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, you spent it either with loved ones or relaxing alone.  As I mentioned previously, I did one Christmas this past Saturday with my boyfriend and his son and then another on actual Christmas day.  Both went wonderfully, spent time with amazing people, ate amazing food, watched amazing movies, haha.  Let me know how your Christmas went!  I’d love to hear about all the yummy food you ate, movies you watched, and if you got anything really special.  Well, today I thought I’d bring you a New Year’s Eve Glam Eye Look.  This was originally supposed to go up yesterday and it is going up later tonight because I’ve been hesitant to post this.  Anytime I do a type of tutorial post I’m always leery.  Mostly because I’m not a makeup artists, I don’t specialize in makeup, and I don’t feel as if it is worthy of sharing, do you know what I mean?  Then I thought, fuck it.  Everyone starts somewhere and not everyone is looking for the same kind of look offered on YouTube.  So here it is, my New Year’s Eve Glam.  So if you are interested, just keep on reading! | New Year's Eve Glam Eye Look

For this look, I knew there was going to be fallout so I wanted to do my eyes first.  As you can see, my brows are already done, I used a bit of concealer as my primer and set it with a powder close to my skin tone.


The palette I decided to pull out of my collection for this look is the Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette.  Starting out, I took a bit of this warm camel shade and worked that into the crease with a fluffy brush.


Next I took the midtone, almost cool toned brown and worked that into the crease with a fluffy brush.  Don’t mind the skipping on my inner half, that happens with every single shadow, I have a weird inner part on both of my eyes.


Taking the darker brown and a smaller crease brush, I focus this shade more on my outer corner and outer half of my crease.


Taking the black on a small crease brush, I focus this shade on the outer corner of my eye.


Taking the more taupey silver shade, using my finger, I press that shade from the inner corner to the edge of the center of my lid. | New Year's Eve Glam Eye Look

Before taking a bit more of the black, I wanted to add a bit more sparkle to my look.  So I grabbed my Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner in the shade GLAM ROCK.  I painted that all over my lid and then let it dry for a few minutes. Once dry,  I picked up a bit more of the black and gently dabbed it on the outer corner and blended the edges just a smidge.


Then to help blend everything together, I picked up more of that warm camel shade and blended it over everything.


After I cleaned up the fallout, did the rest of my face makeup, I went back to finish up the eyes.  On the inner rim of my eyes, I used a black pencil liner and lined both the upper and lower waterline.  Then I took that dark brown out of the palette and smoked that on my lower lash line.


To finish up the eyes, I just coated my lashes with a little bit of mascara and called it good.  You can absolutely do a winged liner with this look or even add lashes to enhance this eye look further.  You do you boo!


And here is the completed look!  For lips, I decided to throw on my Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in the shade TAR PIT. because if you have read my posts for a while, you know how much I love wearing black lipstick!


So that’s it!  That is my New Year’s Eve Glam look that I thought I would share with you!  I actually wore this look to Christmas Eve dinner and plan on wearing it for New Year’s Eve, although I might add lashes, who knows?!  Hopefully this was easy enough to follow, I’m still new to this whole tutorial thing and hopefully, the pics were clean enough.  You just gotta use what you got and try to make the best of it!  I hope you guys have a great night and until next time!

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Shop My Stash: December Makeup Basket | December Makeup Basket - Shop My Stash

Hey gang, hope all is well!  Currently, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is playing in the background and it is a beautiful, chilly day here in Seattle.  For dinner, I’m making Hot For Food’s Vegan Carbonara with Zucchini Cream Sauce, something hearty, warm, and delicious.  But that is not what this post is about, although I could talk about food for DAYS, today I am bringing you my December makeup basket.  I cannot believe we are in the last month of the year and personally my favorite month of the year.  Today is my 2 month anniversary with my boyfriend, believe it or not, he is the one that brought it up, my niece’s 4th birthday, on Wednesday it is Lil’ Bean’s birthday, the 15th Xandria’s birthday, the 16th my birthday, then we got Christmas, then New Years!  What a busy, busy month!  Anyway, let’s get into the makeup I plan on playing around with this month, besides my project pan items!

Please Note: This post DOES contain affiliate links.  Thank you! | December Makeup Basket - Shop My Stash

For my primer’s, I decided to keep working on my Milani Prime Shield Pore Minimizing + Mattifying Face Primer because I SWEAR I am almost finished with this bad boy, and I pulled in my deluxe sized sample of the Peter Thomas Roth Skin to Die For No-Filter Mattifying Primer & Complexion Perfector (do you think they could have done a longer name?)  I’m pretty sure PTR is not cruelty-free so I’d just like to work through another product that is not cruelty-free and get it out of my collection. | December Makeup Basket - Shop My Stash

Spoiler alert, I am just about done with my Besame Cosmetics Vanilla Brightening Powder, so I wanted to pull in a couple of powders to work on throughout the month.  One of them being my beloved Milani Prep + Set + Glow Illuminating Transparent Powder and one that I’m currently trying out which is the Covergirl Advanced Radiance Pressed Powder in 105 Ivory. | December Makeup Basket - Shop My Stash

For bronzer, I pulled in my Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in Bronzer.  Luckily I’m not a huge bronzer hoarder, I only have 4 bronzers in my collection, least that I can recall, and one of them has pan showing.  So it would be nice, although unlikely, to hit pan in this bad boy. | December Makeup Basket - Shop My Stash

Highlighters are definitely something that I have way too many of.  So, rotating them is important.  For this month, I decided to pull my Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals for more of a blinding highlight and for a more soft, subtle daytime highlight I pulled in the Catrice Cosmetics Highlighting Powder in Champagne Campaign. | December Makeup Basket - Shop My Stash

Moving onto eyes, starting out with an eyeshadow palette, I wanted to show some love to my Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Palette.  This palette is such a great high-end palette yet such a wonderful bang for your buck!  I think it runs about $27 and the eyeshadows are standard sizes.  The reason for pulling this palette in is because I can get some great daytime appropriate looks as well as go more dramatic for the holidays.  You bet your ass I’m going to be utilizing that silver for New Year’s Eve! | December Makeup Basket - Shop My Stash

For mascaras, I’m playing around with my two new Covergirl mascaras.  I have the Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara in Black/Brown, as well as the Covergirl Lash Exact Waterproof Mascara in Very Black.  I go for Waterproof due to being a dog groomer.  I do not want to risk my mascara running if I get soaked.  And yes, just because I am a dog groomer doesn’t mean I can’t wear makeup to work.



Lastly, we have the brow category!  I have so many different brow products it is not even funny at this rate.  However, in my defense, I tend to blow through most brow products pretty quickly.  I’m still working on my Kat Von D Beauty Signature Brow Precision Pencil in the shade Light Brown.  I think I have about one more month, maybe a month and a half left on that product.  I’ve also pulled in my NYX Professional Makeup Tinted Brow Mascara in Black, as well as the Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade in Black.  I pulled in the pomade, even though I’m not a huge fan of them (just because of how long it takes me to do my brows), for use when I do more intense glam style makeup.  When the holiday season rolls around, I tend to do more “Glam” makeup just for the occasion.


So that’s everything, well everything excluding the stuff that is currently in projects.  If you are curious as to what other makeup items I’m using I will link both my Movie Madness Project Pan and my 12 Pans of Christmas Project Pan for you.  I’m curious to know what items you are pulling in to your monthly makeup basket, let me know in the comments!  I also want to know, if you celebrate Christmas, have you got your Christmas shopping done yet or are you a last minute procrastinator?  For years past I’ve been such a procrastinator, this year, however, I have about 90% of my shopping done and all of those gifts are wrapped, sitting under the Christmas tree!  Well, that does it for me, I hope you guys have a great rest of your day and until next time!  Thanks for stopping by!

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Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation

On November 3, 2017, I picked up the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation* in the shade 110N Angel Food for $40 US on the Sephora* website.  Needless to say, I have had plenty of time to try it out and determine if I like it or not.  Let me say, I have yet to use it up.


With it now being July, I feel I have truly tested out this foundation and have found a decent amount of pros and cons with this foundation.  But the biggest question for this post is would I repurchase?  Long story short, no.  Let me explain.

First off, there is a pretty well-done shade range, but there is always room for improvement.  This I feel is a broken record, but with the variation of fair to medium, there should be the same variation for deep to dark.  I know I am not alone in that.  The shade I picked up was 110N Angel Food described as “Ultra fair skin tones with neutral undertones.”  Working through and owning so many different foundations, I have learned that I like foundations with a more grey undertone.  They don’t tend to pull warm or pink on me.  Any typical cool-toned foundation looks straight up pink on my skin, then pulls crazy orange.  Any warmed-toned foundation looks straight up yellow on my skin.  Before I went cruelty-free, my ideal foundation was the L’Oreal Pro-Glow Foundation* in shade 202 Creamy Natural, because it was more grey-based and I fucking loved it.  Anyway, back to this foundation.


For me, this foundation doesn’t pull neutral, it pulls yellow.  Granted, I’d take a yellow-based foundation over a pink-based foundation any day, but that is beside the point.  The packaging is fine, no complaints from me.  It comes in a pump and is in plastic packaging, which I have heard complaints about, but honestly, as long as the packaging works (ex. the pump) I don’t care.  I care about the product.

The consistency is very thick and I feel one pump is sufficient to cover my entire face.  However, the fragrance is a bit much.  I like the scent, don’t get me wrong, hell, I would even own a fragrance that smelled like this, but for my foundation, no thank you.  That is screaming for an allergic reaction.  It is a strong, floral scent.  Almost rosy, it is a very sexy scent in my opinion.  Personally, I don’t put fragrance on my face.


Using this foundation over time, I have learned a few things about it.  I can make this foundation work and work quite well, but there are some stipulations.  For one, I cannot wear it by itself.  On my skin, it looks extremely heavy and cakey.  I have used both a brush and a dampened sponge.  I have not set it with powder and set it with powder.  This foundation alone is too heavy for me.  One hour in, regardless of application and whether or not I set it, it looks even more heavy and cakey.  I get build up along the sides of my nose.  On my forehead and around my mouth it looks like it is sitting on top of my skin.  I have worn this on hot days, cool days, dry days, and wet days.  This foundation just looks awful no matter what, by itself.  HOWEVER, as I have said previously, I have been able to get this foundation to work and work really well, by mixing it.

If ever I can’t get a foundation to work for me, I try mixing it in with other foundations.  Because if I have already bought it, I want to do what I can to work with it.  If I mix this foundation with a more luminous, dewy, or skin-like foundation, it works beautifully.  I have mixed it with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Foundation* ($40 US), the Fiona Stiles Beauty Luminous Foundation Concentrate ($30 US), the CYO Long Lasting Foundation Lifeproof* ($7 US), and the Physician’s Formula The Healthy Foundation* ($12.99 US).  All with spectacular results.  By mixing, it has great staying power, a skin-like finish, no build up of product, and no cakiness.

Here’s the drawback to even that.  It is difficult to wear to work and difficult to wear consistently.  As a dog groomer, I deal with high heat and humidity, along with wind, dog hair, and dander.  Even with it mixed, in that environment, the foundation combination, regardless of whatever combination, starts breaking down, looking heavy and cakey and just looks like makeup.  I have worn the foundations I mix it with alone at work and don’t have that problem.

The other problem is if I wear it consistently, I get breakouts and it dries out my skin.  Now, I am immensely lucky to where my breakouts consist of one or two tiny pimples.  I don’t tend to get pimples ever, only when aunt flow is in town.  So when I wear this foundation and it causes me to break out when I NEVER break out, it is a slight problem.  The other part is that it dries out my skin and I don’t have dry skin!  I start noticing flaking along my nose and around my mouth.  Again, I know for a fact it is not the foundations I mix it with.


All in all, I can work with this foundation and I plan to use it up.  However, I do not recommend.  The amount of work it takes to get this foundation to work, dealing with the breakouts, the heavy fragrance, it is not worth it.  Once I moved back down to Texas I’m going to try and use it mixed during the summer time and see if I have better results, but besides that, this foundation is not worth the time and effort it takes to make this work.  If you have purchased it and love it, that is awesome and I am happy for you!  Another beautiful reason of how our bodies and skin work differently.

I hope you found this review(?) somewhat helpful.  If you have used the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation before, let me know what you thought of it.  Or, if you didn’t pick it up, what your reasons why were!  Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

Note: Any link containing an asterisk ( * ) contains an affiliate link.  There is no cost to you for using them, purchasing an item through them gives me a small commission that helps with my site.  Thank you in advance!


April Sephora VIB Sale: Haul

*This post contains affiliate links.  There is no cost to you if you use them, but clicking and purchasing through one of them earns me a very small commission. 

First off, let me preface this post by saying I should have also included that this is 99.8% a Kat Von D Beauty haul.  If you happened to read my Makeup Aesthetic Tag post, you will have already learned that I love Kat Von D, her makeup and aesthetic, and absolutely love her brand.  One thing I have been debating about for a while is doing a full face of Kat Von D Beauty.  Well, I do have quite of bit of her products, but needed a few others to round out the look.

Kat Von D’s most recent launch is something I have been looking forward too.  I’m always on the hunt for new brow products that can possibly surpass my Anastasia Beverly Hills products, both the Brow Wiz and Pomade.  With that launching 4/20, I decided, fuck it, and placed a full order on Sephora.


When typing up this post, there was another order I placed during the sale, but it hadn’t arrived in time to take pictures, so I will just mention and link the products first.

I picked up another Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick ($20 US) in the shade Flirt.  It is described as a “cheeky brown.”  I have been debating about this color for a while.  I have the shade Spice Girl, which is a brownish mauve, and truly enjoy the feeling of the lipstick on my lips.  The reason I have been debating about Flirt is because DupeThat listed Flirt as a dupe for Cryptic Cosmetics Creepshow ($17 US).  Creepshow has been out of stock for AGES.  Every time I have received a notification of it being back in stock, I’ve arrived too late.  Forewarning you, everything from here on out is nothing by Kat Von D Beauty.  You have been warned. lol

Next, I picked up a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick ($20 US) in the shade Nahz Fur Atoo, a blood crimson shade.  I have had her liquid lipsticks in the past and have enjoyed them.  They are a little bit more drying than others, but not to where I feel uncomfortable in them.  They also don’t have the greatest staying power on my lips, even when I don’t eat or drink anything.  Again, I don’t mind this because they do layer well in my opinion.  For those wondering, I have had Bow ‘N Arrow and Witches in the past.

The last item I picked up on this separate order was the Kat Von D 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade ($19 US) in Scarlet.  I was debating on also picking up Graphite, but I have yet to use up my Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade ($18 US) in Granite.  Once I do that and if I enjoy the formula of Scarlet, I will order Graphite.  The reason I ordered Scarlet is because A) I love the color red.  I try and incorporate red into my wardrobe and look every single day.  B) I am thinking of dying my hair red again so I would like to be able to match my brows.  Even if I don’t end up dying my hair red again, I would definitely still incorporate red brows into my look.  Now, let’s get onto the items I have already received, shall we?


The first item I’ll talk about is the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation ($35 US).  I picked up the shade Light 42 Neutral.  I have had this foundation before, although it has been a while.  I used it up but never repurchased.  I will say, the shade I picked up is a little light for me, but I can still make it work.  The only gripe I have is it claims to be neutral but it runs extremely pink, least on me it does.  I tend to have a more neutral to slightly yellow undertone even though I am quite fair, so the foundation is a bit off on its own.  When I do a full face of Kat Von D Beauty, I’ll review everything more in-depth and show what I mean.  I do plan to pick up another shade, I think Light 45 Warm might be what I am looking for.

Well, since I picked up the foundation, I had to pick up the concealer.  Everything moving forward I have never used or tried before, so all of this will be new for me!  I grabbed the Lock-It Concealer Crème ($26 US) in L1 Neutral and shit.  This is light!  I had to double check to make sure I didn’t pick up the white concealer.  So, safe to say it will be extremely brightening on me.


Since I have a swatch of it next to the concealer, I will mention that I picked up a Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick ($19 US) in the shade Bow ‘N Arrow.  This was a recommendation by a few people in the Sephora community tab.  I have been on the hunt for a more brownie nude shade that didn’t run warm and quite a few people recommended the lipstick version of Bow ‘N Arrow, so why the hell not right?

Now onto all the eye products!  Like I mentioned earlier, in my other order I did decide to pick up her pomade, but on this order, I did pick up a Signature Brow Precision Pencil ($20 US) in the shade Graphite.  I did forget to take a picture of a swatch of this, however, I don’t think it would have shown up well because it was a bit light.  I will showcase it in the full face of Kat Von D Beauty though.

What I did swatch was all of the eyeshadows.  I grabbed the Shade & Light Eye Contour Quad (discontinued) in Smoke, another Metal Crush Eyeshadow (discontinued) in Black No. 1, and the Lolita Eyeshadow ($19 US).  I forgot that I picked up another Metal Crush Eyeshadow.  I currently own Raw Power and Thunderstruck and absolutely LOVE THEM.  I’m so excited to play around with Black No. 1 and I hope she is just reformulating them so they are all vegan.  I truly hope she doesn’t get rid of them permanently.  I decided to pick up the Shade & Light Eye Contour Quad in Smoke because I have been debating on it for a while.  Then, once I realized it was being discontinued I was really edging towards picking it up.  Realizing it was still in stock during the sale was the final pushing factor.  The smoothness and quality just from the swatches remind me of the formula of the Shade & Light Eye Contour Palette, so hopefully, I won’t be disappointed.  I will say, Jen from Jen Loves Reviews did a video with Lindsay Schoolcraft  (😍 😍 😍 😍) of Cradle of Filth and she raved about the quads sooo that might also have swayed my overall reason to buy.


The last two items are the #70 Pomade Brow Brush ($18 US) and Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist ($26 US).  The brush I decided on because I have seen quite a few reviews of the brow products by Kat and the brush’s tip actually seemed thin.  Not disappointed on that, although I haven’t tried it yet.  The Makeup Setting Mist I have heard mixed reviews on.  I don’t think you can have enough setting sprays, so I went for it.  I haven’t used it on my face yet, but I did test out the mister and holy hell!  That mist is beautiful, extremely fine!  So, I’m excited to see how it works for the face.

Now I know I have done two hauls relatively close to each other, but I promise you there are probably not going to be a lot of hauls in the future.  I am extremely picky about what I purchase and most items that are released do not interest me.  They seem more suited for the Instagram and Beauty Guru scene and clearly, that is not me.  Everything I purchase has to fit within my aesthetic and needs to be practical for me and my look.  Before I went extremely ham on purchasing products because of packaging and hype.  I have for the most part gotten over that, and the overall need to constantly buy.  I am trying at least to be a little more practical in my spending.

Well, I hope you found this somewhat interesting.  If you decided to pick up a few items from the Sephora VIB Sale, I would love to hear what you got!  Also, if there are any items that I picked up that you have or have tried, let me know how it went for you in the comment section.  I think that does it for now, thanks for stopping by and until next time!