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Review: FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation | Review: FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation

Hey guys, hope you all are doing well!  In Seattle today, it is absolutely gorgeous!  It’s a beautiful sunny day, there’s a light cool breeze, and not a cloud in the sky.  Some of the trees are already turning colors and I am in love!  However, that’s not what I came to talk about today.  Today is my review on the FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation.  I’ve been using this foundation for a couple of months now and I feel I have a pretty good grasp on the foundation.  So if you are curious as to what I think about it, then let’s get into it!

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FLOWER Beauty, if you don’t know, is actually Drew Barrymore’s brand. It started off in Walmart and is also now carried in Ulta.  The foundation comes in a glass bottle with white and rose gold packaging, has a pump, and comes with 1.01 fl oz of product.  On Ulta’s website, it retails for $13.99 US and they offer 12 shades.  Referencing Ulta’s website, the foundation is supposed to have buildable coverage, a soft luminous finish, and feel weightless on the skin.

With the basics out of the way, let’s get onto the actual review, shall we?  For the application, I prefer using a sponge.  I’m not a fan of brushes, but I did try both with this product.  With a sponge, you definitely get less coverage, but for me, it is not significantly less.  The brush side looks really nice as well but a bit streaky so I just smoothed it over with a sponge. Upon first use, I did not use any primer, I just washed and moisturized my face as normal.  Everything applied evenly and smoothly.  Right away I noticed how dewy it was.  My skin looked so glowy but not greasy.  I have normal to combination oily skin.  I get really oily on my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.  I put on a small amount of concealer, just under my eyes then set my entire face with a translucent powder.  I finished the rest of my makeup and went throughout my day.  Within about 3 hours, my oils started really showing through and it was downhill from there.  I didn’t look glowy, I looked greasy.  I kept this foundation on for about 11 hours that initial day and by the end of it, I looked like I sank my face in a tub of oil.  HOWEVER, this foundation did not break down anywhere.  Not my nose, not in between my eyebrows, not my chin, nowhere.  It stayed fully intact.  I was THOROUGHLY impressed.

Fast forward to roughly 2 months later.  I have tried this foundation several ways, with different primers and have tried mixing it with other foundations and here is what I learned.  For one, I do really love and enjoy this foundation but I cannot wear it on its own (but I will try on its own during the winter time to see if I have the same results as in summer).  I like it best with a pore-filling, mattifying primer in my oily spots and mixing it with an extremely matte foundation.  My favorite foundation (holy grail status) is the Fiona Stiles Matte Finish Foundation Concentrate.  When mixing the Light Illusion foundation with the Fiona Stiles, it did take a little longer for my skin to appear greasy.  However, mixing it with the Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Foundation, my skin had more of a demi-matte finish initially and had a bit better control on keeping my oils at bay.  Also, quick side note, I fucked up and grabbed the wrong shade of both the FLOWER Beauty foundation (L2 which is too dark) and Kat Von D (L42 way too light).  Mixing them together not only gives me an ideal finish but an ideal shade!

So, for this review, I am going to showcase it in my ideal method which is mixing it with the Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Foundation and a little bit of the Milani Pore-Filling + Mattifying Primer.  I did a little over a 10-hour wear test, with no touch-ups, blotting, or powdering throughout the day.  The only thing I changed was my lip color.  Also, these photos are unfiltered, and the only “editing” I did was cropping, adding the borders, and text.  I did not touch up the photos in any way. | Review: FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation - 8:15am Initial Application | Review: FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation - 8:15am Initial Application | Review: FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation - 8:15am Initial Application

I applied my foundation at about 8:15 in the morning with a beauty sponge.  Overall, it looked really smooth, didn’t look heavy or cakey anywhere, but I did notice it looked a little weird on the top of my nose.  I did set my face with a light translucent powder all over to help set the foundation because it was still a bit tacky and because I do get oily.  As you can see from the pictures above, I feel my skin has a demi-matte finish and looks really smooth, and did not feel heavy on the skin.  Quick side note, don’t mind the crazy hair.  It’s been dyed black and I had a side head shave and am now growing it out to my original color… so I’m going to be having crazy hair pictures for a while.  Plus, I don’t mess with my hair anyway.  It always goes up in a ponytail.  Anyway, all of my products, concealer, powders, etc. blended out and melded onto my skin without any issue.  I also want to note, I always set my face just to meld all the powders together, but for this one, I just used a basic setting spray, that didn’t affect wear time or finish. | Review: FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation - 12:45pm First Check-In | Review: FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation - 12:45pm First Check-In


My first check-in was about 4 and a half hours later around 12:45pm.  I did notice a slight oxidation throughout the day, I’d say about half a shade darker but not super noticeable.  At this time, it did start looking oily on my T-Zone area and was getting slightly cakey looking around my mouth, but nothing excessive and it was wearing off the tip of my nose only because I kept messing with my nose.  Looking really up close, the foundation combination was not breaking apart due to natural wear.  It still, in my opinion, looks really good, I actually like the level of dewiness up to this point.  It also still felt very lightweight on the skin. | Review: FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation - 6:30pm Final Check-In | Review: FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation - 6:30pm Final Check-In | Review: FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation - 6:30pm Final Check-In

My final check-in was about 6:30pm, which was a little over 10 hours of wear.  I started getting a migraine and wanted to wash everything off and go to bed.  Looking up close at the foundation, it was still a bit cakey looking around my mouth area, but it looked about the same as the first check-in, so it did not seem like it got worse throughout the day.  My oils were definitely poking through at this point and I did look pretty greasy.  It also wore off a little around my mouth because I ate a very messy sandwich, which who can really blame any foundation for wearing off then, right?  However, just like in the first check-in and every time I have worn this foundation, it did not break apart ANYWHERE on me.  My nose was still intact, cheeks, forehead, it didn’t get weird or patchy anywhere.  I could not believe how well this foundation held up. | Review: FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Liquid Foundation - 6:30pm Final Check-In - Powdered

I also wanted to show you guys how it looked powdered.  Besides the mouth area, putting just a little bit of powder in my really oily area toned down the oils significantly and least, in my opinion, looks almost as good as when I first applied it.  What do you think?

Overall, I really love this foundation.  I’m excited to try this foundation by itself in the winter time and see if my oils don’t pull through as quickly as during the summer.  I was absolutely blown away by the fact that my oils did not break apart the foundation when wearing it alone or mixing with other foundations, because most of my other foundations do.  I would say this foundation has about a medium coverage, but buildable.  When wearing it alone, when I went to build up certain areas, I was able to get a bit more coverage and the foundation did not bunch up, look cakey, or move around the first layer.  I would recommend this foundation, if you can find your shade and if you like really dewy foundations.  I think this would be great for extremely dry skin up to combo oily skin.  I have a few dry patches around my nose and I did not notice it emphasizing the dry patches or texture on my skin.  If you are straight up oily, I think you might like it, but you would need to be diligent about powdering or blotting every few hours.  I’m not a chick who blots my makeup or powders throughout the day.  The only thing I ever touch-up is my lipstick.  Whenever I run out of this foundation, I will absolutely pick it up again, this time in the right shade.

Well, this was yet another long review.  I tried to be as thorough as possible and I hope I covered all the points.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments and I’ll try and answer you as soon as I can!  If you have tried this foundation already, let me know what you thought of it.  Do you love it?  Hate it?  So, so?  Let me know!  Also, do you have any cruelty-free foundation recommendations?  I also love trying new foundations, although I do need to get through with some in my collection right now, I don’t mind making a list of to-try.  I feel I have blabbered on long enough.  Thank you so much for stopping by and until next time!

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Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation

On November 3, 2017, I picked up the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation* in the shade 110N Angel Food for $40 US on the Sephora* website.  Needless to say, I have had plenty of time to try it out and determine if I like it or not.  Let me say, I have yet to use it up.


With it now being July, I feel I have truly tested out this foundation and have found a decent amount of pros and cons with this foundation.  But the biggest question for this post is would I repurchase?  Long story short, no.  Let me explain.

First off, there is a pretty well-done shade range, but there is always room for improvement.  This I feel is a broken record, but with the variation of fair to medium, there should be the same variation for deep to dark.  I know I am not alone in that.  The shade I picked up was 110N Angel Food described as “Ultra fair skin tones with neutral undertones.”  Working through and owning so many different foundations, I have learned that I like foundations with a more grey undertone.  They don’t tend to pull warm or pink on me.  Any typical cool-toned foundation looks straight up pink on my skin, then pulls crazy orange.  Any warmed-toned foundation looks straight up yellow on my skin.  Before I went cruelty-free, my ideal foundation was the L’Oreal Pro-Glow Foundation* in shade 202 Creamy Natural, because it was more grey-based and I fucking loved it.  Anyway, back to this foundation.


For me, this foundation doesn’t pull neutral, it pulls yellow.  Granted, I’d take a yellow-based foundation over a pink-based foundation any day, but that is beside the point.  The packaging is fine, no complaints from me.  It comes in a pump and is in plastic packaging, which I have heard complaints about, but honestly, as long as the packaging works (ex. the pump) I don’t care.  I care about the product.

The consistency is very thick and I feel one pump is sufficient to cover my entire face.  However, the fragrance is a bit much.  I like the scent, don’t get me wrong, hell, I would even own a fragrance that smelled like this, but for my foundation, no thank you.  That is screaming for an allergic reaction.  It is a strong, floral scent.  Almost rosy, it is a very sexy scent in my opinion.  Personally, I don’t put fragrance on my face.


Using this foundation over time, I have learned a few things about it.  I can make this foundation work and work quite well, but there are some stipulations.  For one, I cannot wear it by itself.  On my skin, it looks extremely heavy and cakey.  I have used both a brush and a dampened sponge.  I have not set it with powder and set it with powder.  This foundation alone is too heavy for me.  One hour in, regardless of application and whether or not I set it, it looks even more heavy and cakey.  I get build up along the sides of my nose.  On my forehead and around my mouth it looks like it is sitting on top of my skin.  I have worn this on hot days, cool days, dry days, and wet days.  This foundation just looks awful no matter what, by itself.  HOWEVER, as I have said previously, I have been able to get this foundation to work and work really well, by mixing it.

If ever I can’t get a foundation to work for me, I try mixing it in with other foundations.  Because if I have already bought it, I want to do what I can to work with it.  If I mix this foundation with a more luminous, dewy, or skin-like foundation, it works beautifully.  I have mixed it with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Foundation* ($40 US), the Fiona Stiles Beauty Luminous Foundation Concentrate ($30 US), the CYO Long Lasting Foundation Lifeproof* ($7 US), and the Physician’s Formula The Healthy Foundation* ($12.99 US).  All with spectacular results.  By mixing, it has great staying power, a skin-like finish, no build up of product, and no cakiness.

Here’s the drawback to even that.  It is difficult to wear to work and difficult to wear consistently.  As a dog groomer, I deal with high heat and humidity, along with wind, dog hair, and dander.  Even with it mixed, in that environment, the foundation combination, regardless of whatever combination, starts breaking down, looking heavy and cakey and just looks like makeup.  I have worn the foundations I mix it with alone at work and don’t have that problem.

The other problem is if I wear it consistently, I get breakouts and it dries out my skin.  Now, I am immensely lucky to where my breakouts consist of one or two tiny pimples.  I don’t tend to get pimples ever, only when aunt flow is in town.  So when I wear this foundation and it causes me to break out when I NEVER break out, it is a slight problem.  The other part is that it dries out my skin and I don’t have dry skin!  I start noticing flaking along my nose and around my mouth.  Again, I know for a fact it is not the foundations I mix it with.


All in all, I can work with this foundation and I plan to use it up.  However, I do not recommend.  The amount of work it takes to get this foundation to work, dealing with the breakouts, the heavy fragrance, it is not worth it.  Once I moved back down to Texas I’m going to try and use it mixed during the summer time and see if I have better results, but besides that, this foundation is not worth the time and effort it takes to make this work.  If you have purchased it and love it, that is awesome and I am happy for you!  Another beautiful reason of how our bodies and skin work differently.

I hope you found this review(?) somewhat helpful.  If you have used the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation before, let me know what you thought of it.  Or, if you didn’t pick it up, what your reasons why were!  Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

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