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12 Pans of Christmas Project Pan: FINALE!

Hey gang and Merry Christmas Eve to you all, or to all those who celebrate it.  We are finally here, the finale to my 12 Pans of Christmas Project Pan.  I can’t believe how quickly we got here.  It feels like just yesterday I was posting the intro and here I am with the finale.  Well, I will try and keep this post short and sweet, unlike my previous novel posts, haha.  So, if you are interested to see how I did, then just keep reading!

Please Note: This post DOES contain affiliate links.  Thank you!

Before we jump into the last few products I was working on, I’m going to go over the products that I finished or hit my goal on.  On the first update I finished the Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray, I hit pan in both MERCURY & DAWN in my Anastasia Beverly Hills SUBCULTURE Palette, and finish my Kat Von D Beauty Signature Brow Precision Pencil in GRAPHITE.

For the last update, I finished the shades LYRIC & LUCID from the Kat Von D Beauty Shade & Light Contour Palette and hit goal of hitting major pan in SOMBRE.  I also managed to accidentally finish off the ELF Instant Lift Brow Pencil in Soft Brown.  Now onto the rest of the products in this project! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Ammunition in CELEBRITY SKIN

First, let’s talk about my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Ammunition Lipstick in CELEBRITY SKIN.  I am happy to report I have finished it and this is the first lipstick I have EVER panned!  This is a huge accomplishment for me!  As I stated in the last update, I will not repurchase this item.  The shade wasn’t what I was personally looking for in my ideal nude and the formula was a bit drying on me. | Michael Kors Sexy Amber 3.4 FL OZ Perfume

Next is my Michael Kors Sexy Amber 3.4 FL OZ Perfume and this is also completely used up!  This is also another first for me, well, for the size anyway.  I have finished body mists this size before and have finished 1 OZ perfumes in the past, but never a fragrance of this magnitude.  This use to be a holy grail scent for me then I fell out of love with it.  Hence why it was sitting in my collection for so long.  I’ve been trying to make myself use it throughout the year, but putting it in this project has been a tremendous help!  It also helped me fall back in love with the scent.  Sadly, Michael Kors is not cruelty-free therefore I shall not be repurchasing. | Besame Cosmetics Vanilla Brightening Powder

Another finished product off this list is my Besame Cosmetics Vanilla Brightening Powder.  I am not a fan of loose powders.  I have finally, finally learned and realized that about myself.  I was not reaching for this powder until I got the idea to press it into an empty compact, hence the Rimmel compact.  I really ended up enjoying this product to where I might actually repurchase and just press it into a pan.  I’m working on some other powders right now, but if I can’t find anything that is comparable, I will repurchase this product.  It looked beautiful under my eyes and set all over. | C.Y.O. Long-Lasting Foundation & FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Foundation

Since we are talking about face products, let’s move onto the two foundations I threw in this project.  The C.Y.O. Long-Lasting Lifeproof Foundation in 101 and the FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Luminous Makeup in L2.  I’m happy to say I made my goal for the C.Y.O. Foundation, I just wanted to be over halfway done with it.  The FLOWER foundation I came very close to my goal.  I wanted to have about 1/4 of the bottle left but I’m around 1/3.  But hey, I’ll take that as a win because I have managed to use up quite a bit of this foundation!  I also mentioned, even though I love the C.Y.O. foundation, it is holy grail status for me, I wouldn’t be repurchasing until I could verify if it is cruelty-free or not.  Ethical Bunny has them listed as cruelty-free, so unless something says otherwise, I’m going to trust that.

Next up is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Pencil in 005 NUDE.  Seriously, there is a miniscule amount of progress.  Literally, barely any progress.  Here’s the thing, I wear makeup about 6 days week.  I am pretty consistent about that.  I wear this pencil in my waterline 23 out of the 24 times I wear makeup in one month.  I mean, talk about ultimate bang for your buck!  So even though I have made much visible progress, I am happy about it.

Last up is a product that I have not touched.  Well, maybe once.  I’m talking about my Melt Cosmetics Lipstick in LACED.  Just for shit and giggles, I held it up against my paper, low and behold no progress.  As I’m typing up this post, I’m wearing it and here is what I finally learned.  I hate this formula.  The color, love it!  This formula though is so drying on my lips, my lips actually peel and I can wear quite a few drying liquid lip products and not have this happen.  So, I am going to be decluttering this item.  There is going to be an end of the year declutter, refreshing for 2019 so be on the lookout for that and don’t be surprised when you see this product there.

So that’s it gang, my second project pan of the year that I actually stuck with!  I have one more finale coming up at the end of the year, which now that I think of it, I should be posting that on Friday.  Anywho, I want to know if you also participated in the 12 Pans of Christmas Project Pan and if you did, what your successes were with the project!  And on a quick side note, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope you are spending it with people (or animals) you love.  Sending you all lots of love and joy!  Merry Christmas everyone!!

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12 Pans of Christmas: Intro | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro

Hey everyone!  Sorry, it has been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything but I’m back today with my Intro for the 12 Pans of Christmas.  I can’t believe it is 3 months away already.  I know, I know, I’ve said this multiple times by now, but damn this year has been flying by.  I only have one month left on my 13 by Halloween project pan, which that update will be coming this Friday.  I’ve really been enjoying panning projects.  It’s really opened my eyes to my collection, what I like and what I don’t.  Quick side note, I’m listening to Alessia Cara’s version of How Far I’ll Go from the Moana soundtrack on repeat.  I’m really not a Disney princess fan.  However, this movie is amazing and the soundtrack even better.  Anyone else seen this movie and love it?  Anywho, let’s get into what products I’ve decided to pull for this project!

Note: This post DOES contain affiliate links. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray

First up, we’ve got the Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray ($9.99 US).  I’ve talked briefly about this product in the past and I mentioned that I didn’t hate it, but it is not great.  Well, I’ve been using it to get the hang of it again and I’ve changed my mind.  I hate it.  The sprayer gets clogged and sprays almost vertically completely missing my face.  It also causes droplets which are not cute.  So, I’ve been using it as a primer spray because it does look oily on the skin if you spray too much, but with the vertical spraying, which I know sounds weird and I can’t really describe what I mean, my face seems to get greasier.  So, I’ve tried it, like I’ve said, as a priming spray and then I use my beauty sponge and press it into my skin and it’s been working.  So, that is how I’m hopefully going to use up this spray and move it out of my collection. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Foundation

Product #2 is the FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Foundation ($13.99 US).  I’m going to have a full review of this product hopefully coming this Wednesday.  I currently cannot see through the bottle so I have no idea where I am at with this foundation.  With it currently fall and heading into winter, being drier, I hopefully won’t grease up as quickly so I can get this to work.  Also, it is way too dark for me.  That was totally my fault.  I grabbed the wrong shade.  I grabbed L2 instead of L1.  I will be mixing it with another foundation to help lighten it.  My goal is to use up at least half since I am mixing it.  I think I can achieve that because I wear makeup about 6 days a week. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Foundation

The Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Foundation ($35 US) is the next product on this list.  I am not a fan of this foundation.  It is way too heavy for my liking and way too light (my fault on that part).  So, I want to use it to mix with the FLOWER Beauty to help with transferring, lightening that foundation, and help mattify it.  I love quite a few Kat products, this is definitely not one of them.  The goal is to hopefully use about 1/4 of what product I have left.  I can only use about 1/2 a pump of this foundation mixed because 1 full pump mixed with the FLOWER foundation still looks extremely heavy and cakey.   Beautiful far away, up close looks gross. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Besame Cosmetics Vanilla Brightening Powder

Next up is the Besame Cosmetics Brightening Vanilla Powder ($22 US).  This was a product recommendation from Emily Noel.  Now, I really love the powder, however, it is not translucent on me.  It gives a yellow cast even just lightly dusting it on my face.  I had a little bit left of my Maybelline Fit Me Loose Setting Powder in Fair ($7.99 US) which is way too light for me, so what I did was mix the two together and pressed it into my Rimmel Compact that I kept after finishing it for situations such as this.  I hate loose powders, so pressing it will help me use it.  The goal is to completely finish it which I don’t have any doubt that I’ll be able to achieve that goal. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Kat Von D Beauty Shade & Light Contour Palette

Here is my beloved Kat Von D Beauty Shade & Light Contour Palette ($49 US).  I do love this product.  However, it is getting really old and I need to start really focusing on using it up.  I have already hit pan in the shade Lucid, then repressed it, then re-hit major pan.  My goal right now is focusing on the shades Lucid, Sombre, and Lyric.  The goal for Lucid & Lyric is to use them up.  For Sombre it is just to hit pan.  Quick note, I just took this picture this morning, before I did my makeup.  When I did my makeup, I hit major pan in Lyric.  I think it is totally possible to use up the two light shades and hit major pan in Sombre (there is a large dip in it). | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

Moving onto eyes, I want to hit pan in the shades Dawn and Mercury in my Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette ($42 US).  I am really bummed they are discontinuing this product because against popular opinion, I enjoy this formula and this color scheme.  I can get it to work for me.  But, since it is getting discontinued, I want to show it some love and hit pan in two of the shades. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Michael Kors Sexy Amber Perfume

I decided to pull in a nonmakeup item.  This is my Michael Kors Sexy Amber 3.4 fl oz Perfume ($108 US).  I use to LOVE this fragrance, but not so much anymore.  Last year I attempted this exact panning project but never followed through with it.  Considering I have been doing the 13 By Halloween Project Pan and actually sticking with it, I wanted to do this project again and pull in this exact product, again.  Although on my own I have made significant progress on it.  I’m at about the halfway mark.  If I can use up about 1/2 of what is left, I will consider that a success!

Now, I’m moving onto products that need to be charted on paper.  Above is the paper I am using to keep track of and progress the products.  The starting line is the main red line on the bottom.  I’m a bit anal about lines being straight, so for me, this is a great guide. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Kat Von D Beauty Signature Brow Precision Pencil

The Kat Von D Beauty Signature Brow Precision pencil in Graphite ($20 US) is slowly becoming my holy grail brow product.  I have (clearly) been loving this product.  Now, I know this seems like a gimmie product, but sometimes you just gotta throw those kinds of products in projects to help keep you motivated.  The goal is to completely finish this up. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - ELF Brow Pencil

Another brow product is the ELF Brow Pencil in Natural Brown ($2 US).  The goal for this one is to use up about half.  Now, you may be thinking that I should be able to finish this product.  Usually, I would agree.  However, this product actually has 3 times the amount of product of any other brow pencil I have ever used.  So, with it being a little wider, I’m not sure if I can actually use this one up or not.  We shall see though, won’t we? | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

Oh look, the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kajal Eyeliner in 005 Nude ($ US).  This was also another product I have had in this exact project last year… that is sad.  So, clearly, I need to use this.  Not only because it is not cruelty-free but because it is immensely old for an eyeliner.  The goal for this one is to hopefully use up about a 1/4 of the product.  Eyeliners take me forever, so whatever progress I can make will be a plus! | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Ammunition

Here we have the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Ammunition in Celebrity Skin ($20 US).  I really like the color on me but the formula is okay.  I also feel I have been flying through this lipstick.  The Melt one that I have listed below I have had for a couple of years now and have used it a ton, definitely more than the Jeffree one and have more product left than the Jeffree one.  So, I have no idea what is up with that.  They both have the same amount of product.  I’m guessing it has to do with the formulation.  Anyway, the goal for this one is to use it up.  I have NEVER used up a lipstick.  I hope this will be the first one. | 12 Pans of Christmas Intro - Melt Cosmetics Matte Lipstick

Lastly, Melt Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Laced ($19 US).  This is actually one of my favorite lipsticks although it doesn’t really show it.  I have had this product for over 2 years now and I definitely need to get some more use out of it.  I don’t feel like I will be able to finish this one in this project, but if I could use about half, I will be happy!

So that’s it.  That’s all the products I have pulled for the 12 Pans of Christmas.  Paula, who is A Beauty Guru Made Me Do It on Instagram & YouTube, posted her intro (which I will link here) and I definitely wanted to be a part of it again this year.  I’m determined to stick with this project!  Any of you guys participating in this panning project this year?  If you are, leave your blog post, Instagram, or YouTube so I can check out yours!  If you want to join along but don’t have a platform, let me know the products you’re picking in the comments and hopefully, you can update in the comments alongside my updates!  I think that would be so much fun!  Alright, well, I’ve blabbered on long enough!  Thank you so much for stopping by and until next time!