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2019 Refresh: Goals/Resolutions

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Hey gang and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Here we are, after me saying almost every freaking post how fast the year flew by, today is January 1, 2019.  I swear the older I have become, the quicker the years pass.  2018 was quite a great year for me.  I completed my first 1/2 marathon with my best friend, I’ve become more stable financially, today is my 1-year vegetarian anniversary, I started transitioning my collection to be Cruelty-Free, and I met my wonderful boyfriend to name just a few.  Yep, 2018 was a wonderful year and I’m so grateful of the growth I made.  2019 I can feel will be even better.  Now I know so many people put forth goals or resolutions for the new year, but considering I did stick with most of them this past year I’m ready to commit to new goals!  So if that is something you’d be interested in, just keep on reading!


1. Lose 60 pounds by December 31, 2019.
Now before you roll your eyes, hear me out.  I’ve been on a “fitness journey” the last year and a half.  July 7, 2017, I quit smoking and started making subtle changes to my diet and began working out.  Since then I managed to lose 40 pounds, however, I have gained 15 pounds back because I have been inconsistent.  I let my lazy side rear it’s ugly head again and have slipped up on staying consistent with moving my body and watching my portion sizes.  With it being the new year, I feel refreshed, even though yes it is just another day, but it does wonders for my mind.  I decided to throw out the number 60 because I feel losing 5 pounds a month is achievable as long as I stay consistent.  I gave myself a deadline to help push it as more of a priority in my mind, in hopes of me staying diligent and keeping to my deadline like it was an important project due for work.  Here are some steps I plan on incorporating in order to achieve this goal:

  • Aiming for 1600 to 1800 calories a day, really focusing on portion controlling and having snacks to help curb hunger throughout the day
  • I want to give intermittent fasting a try again for the month of January.  I’ve done it before and it really seemed to help me a lot.  I didn’t suffer from any negative side effects.
  • Start back up the Couch to 5k Program, doing that every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Once I get into the groove of that, making it a habit and staying consistent, I would like to add strength training on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s in the future to help build muscle.
  • Quit drinking sodas.  I actually quit drinking sodas and it did wonders for my migraines but then I gave in, drank a few and got hooked right back on them.  I was drinking almost 2 liters of water a day then went right back to soda.  That shit has got to go.
  • I want to start incorporating more leafy greens and fruits into my diet.  I need to make sure I’m getting plenty of vitamins and minerals.
  • Plan out my meals and snacks, so that way I’m not as tempted to order out or go and pick something up.  When I menu planned and meal prepped, it made a tremendous difference in my fitness journey and wallet!
  • Aiming for a little bit of a higher protein lower carb way of eating.  No, not Keto or Low Carb or any of that shit.  I tend to eat a lot of processed carbs, I am such a carb girl, so I want to cut back on pasta, bread, things of that nature because it is used more like a filler but is not very filling.  I want to add more good carbs into my diet via fruits and vegetables.
  • Help hold myself accountable again by posting once a month here with how I’m doing, progress photos, discuss my successes and setbacks.

I’ve learned the more you have your goals actually planned out and broken down, the more likely you are going to achieve that goal.  Hence why there are so many bullet points, haha.  Also, this is just a rough goal.  I’ve never been a fit or healthy size so all of this is new to me.  Once I start losing weight, if I need to reevaluate goals, I will do so.


2. Train for the 2019 Rock and Roll Seattle Half Marathon.
Now, I don’t know if I am actually going to do it again, but I thought if I make it a goal, break it down, it will help me with my weight loss goal and help me with an incomplete goal from last year, which was to become a runner.  Several bullet points from the previous goal also coincide with this goal, so this is almost like a repeat, but I’ll still go over them anyway.

  • Start Couch to 5k Training Program, doing it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  After I complete the program, continue on running every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then add in a Saturday morning run to help me work up for my mileage.
  • Start practicing Yoga or Pilates.  Once I’ve gotten into the groove of working out, making it a habit, staying consistent, and after I started incorporating strength training, I’d like to incorporate at least one session a week of either yoga or pilates.  Stretching is very important in general, I should be doing it now at least because of my job, but unfortunately, I do not.
  • Drink lots of water!  This does coincide with my quit drinking sodas.  I got up to drinking 2 liters of water a day then got hooked back on sodas.  Water helps the muscles and joints be more limber, gives you a glowing complexion, and is all around wonderful.  We all know this.  Yet, I’m terrible at drinking water.


LeahEiden.com | 2019 Refresh

3. Read at least 1 Self-Improvement Book a Month.
The end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, I was reading.  By mid to end of 2018 I had almost stopped reading.  Self-Improvement books really helped give me an additional push and spark to work towards my goals, my wants, and my desires.  Yes, everything was in me all along, but having something physical to read and be able to go back to and reference really helped me focus, so I definitely want to get back to that.

  • To find more books, I’m going to do some internet searching, then read reviews on Amazon.  Then, I’ll try and find them on ThriftBooks.com or at my local library.  I prefer to purchase them because I love being able to highlight or go back and read a chapter over later on if I need an extra boost.
  • I do have a nightstand next to my bed.  When I keep the current book at my bedside where I lay my phone, it helps me remember and I’m more likely to read it.
  • If I aim for about 2 chapters a night, one book a month shouldn’t be a problem.


And that’s it!  Yep, just three goals for this year.  Of course, there is so much more that I would love to do and achieve this year, but these are my priorities.  These are what will make the greatest impact which will hopefully trickle down into my smaller goals that are more on the back burner for right now.  Through all of these, one thing I failed to mention was having a planner.  It’s taken me a bit of getting used to having one and truly utilizing it.  I got my first one mid-2017 that I used off and on, a full one for 2018 that I used more frequently, and a brand spanking new one (pictured above) that I’m already working through, writing things down, and strategizing.  It’s helping me focus on tasks that I need to get done for the day so that way I’m not twiddling my thumbs and wasting time.  I’d love to hear about what goals you have for the upcoming year and how you plan to achieve them!  Were you successful on any goals you made last year?  Let me know in the comments!  Later tonight I am going to be posting my starting point for my fitness journey.  Like I said, I’m holding myself accountable again.  Well, I hope you guys have a great day and I will talk to you again soon!

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Popping My Half Marathon Cherry: Rock N Roll Seattle 2018

Well, it has definitely been a hot minute since I posted anything.  11 days to be exact.  Honestly, mental health wasn’t the best, wasn’t motivated or inspired to do anything.  Thursday night however definitely boosted my spirits.  My best friend since high school flew up to help me make it through my very first Half Marathon.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, a half marathon, 13.1 miles of grueling awesomeness.  Yes, contradictory, I get it.  BUT if you have done one, does that not sum it up well?

Last Friday was the Expo.  To start the day off right, we went to the Wayward Vegan Cafe in Seattle.  It’s been YEARS since I’ve been there.  Location changed, but the food was still just as delicious as before.  I ordered the Country Fried Seitan and oh my God, it was to DIE FOR!!  After we were both done stuffing our faces, we headed out in the wonderful Seattle traffic (sarcasm folks) and made it to the expo.  It was not as overwhelming as I anticipated, huge plus there, but there were so many glorious vendors, we got samples of everything!  My bestie showed me the ropes on how to work and go through an expo for maximum sample carnage.  Okay, a bit much, but oh well.  Cliff Bars, Bulletproof Coffee, temporary tattoos and FIELD ROAST!  I was beyond excited for a good amount of vegetarian and vegan options for samples, including Quorn, Field Roast, and Cliff Bars.  I also grabbed a sample of vegan gummy bears, but for the life of me, I can’t find them.  Sad face.


We walked around for a bit, just sampling away, looking at items for purchase.  Unfortunately, I got there a little too late to pick up the 13.1 sticker for my car, but I did pick up a shit.  When you sign up, just in case you don’t know, you do get a shirt.  You pick it up after you have grabbed your packet and bib at the front.  However, I wanted another proudly showcasing the mileage.


There was a fun little photo booth that my bestie and I took some photos in and Toyota was there offering a virtual ride in a car through a race.  Super cool.  We found the track we were going to be doing.  I will say, didn’t look as daunting on flat paper as it was in person.  Just going to leave it at that!  The rest of the evening we pretty much relaxed, watched some Netflix and tried, TRIED mind you, to go to be early.


Now onto race day!  I set my alarm for 4:15am because on our parking pass, it said we needed to be parked by 6:00am.  So I showered, shaved, walked the girls, and got ready for the event.  My bestie KT taped my right knee for me, we both downed some Immodium and headed downtown.  Traffic was very light and we were parked right at 6:00am.


We made sure to use the bathroom one last time and headed to our designated corral.  I was put in the last corral, 20, and my bestie was placed in the same one as me, thanks to the lovely people at the expo.


There were so many people and it felt electric.  I realize that sounds a bit corny or cheesy, but honestly, that is the only way I could describe it.  Everyone was here to do something crazy, walk or run 13.1 miles.



The race originally started around 6:30am.  The time our corral made it to the front it was about 7:10am and the blowhorn sounded, marking the beginning of our corral.  The first few miles were pretty easy, I was walking and jogging what I could.  By around mile 5, my left hip started hurting.  Go figure right, the one area I have never had a problem with before, started acting up.  My knee was doing great though, so yay KT tape!

By mile 9, my hip was extremely painful.  By 11 I was in an immense amount of pain.  It almost felt like someone was taking a pick to my bone every time I put my left foot down.  However, I kept going.  Kept on keeping on.  My feet hurt and I was sore all over, but I could tolerate that.  The hip was what was absolutely killing me.  You bet your ass however that I was not going to let that stop me.

By mile 12 I wanted to burn down Seattle and everyone in it.  I wanted rains of fire pouring from the heaven decimating everything in sight.  I was in pain, fucking miserable, wondering why the FUCK would someone sign up to do this stupid shit.  I wanted to scream and cry, but my stubborn ass refused to do that shit.  But I kept hobbling.  Oh yes, hobbling.  I could barely walk by mile 12.  At one point, I turned a corner, saw a band playing and thought, Halle-fucking-lujah the end!  But it wasn’t.  That’s when I cursed out loud, “Are you fucking kidding me?!?!”


But, I kept going.  I finally saw the finish line and I smiled. I hobbled over that line, making it about 4 hours and 10 minutes for me to complete my first half marathon, and I picked up my very first medal.  For once in my life, I fucking completed something.



It took over an hour to rest for a bit and hobble to my car.  Sitting for a bit, eating some hummus and a protein bar directly after, then having to take breaks between hobbles because my hip was in excruciating pain.  I picked up Taco Bell on the way back to my house and when we reached my house, I hobbled one step at a time up the stairs, then collapsed on my chair and ripped off my shoes and socks.  I was bleeding on my left foot, forgot to trim my toenails, and only had one blister!  Although, a couple of days later learned I had a blister under my toenail on my right big toe, as in directly under my toenail.


So after all of that, being sore and in pain for almost 4 solid days after the marathon, would I do it again?

Abso-fucking-lutely.  I always laughed or wondered at the running memes of runners and marathons.  Saying something along the lines of, if you do one, you want to do them always.  Now, I can’t at the moment say yes to always, but I am already planning to do the Seattle Half Marathon and the Las Vegas Half Marathon next year.  I have learned so much from “training” for this half marathon, that I know a bit more of what I need to do to improve.  I have just about a year till the next Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon and my time goal is 3 hours and 30 minutes.  I proved to myself I am fully capable of anything.

I’m getting back on track with my eating, worked out a plan for running and strength training, and am ready to take on this next challenge.  I can’t thank my bestie enough, because she was with me, pushed me, and supported me.  I have hung my bib and medal on my vision board to further motivate and inspire me.  So here’s to the Seattle Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2019!