December 2018 Empties! | December 2018 Empties

Hey all and Happy New Year’s Eve!  We have all finally got to this day, this point of being the end of 2018 and again, it blows my mind how quickly this year flew by.  I don’t know what my plans are for tonight, but James has decided to make us dinner tonight, so I am definitely looking forward to that.  He’s experimenting with cooking tofu for the first time in his life.  How sweet is that?  Anywho, let’s get onto why we are here.  Today is my empties for the month of December!  I have some very big empties this month, so enough blabbering, let’s get on with it!

Please Note: This post DOES contain affiliate links.  Thank you! | December 2018 Empties

First up, let’s get the samples out of the way.  I finally, FINALLY used up a deluxe sized sample of the Laneige Water Bank Moisture Creme.  It bums me out because I’ve used the Water Creme and absolutely loved that product and I do love this product as well.  Unfortunately, Laneige is not a cruelty-free brand.  Then is a sample of the Kat Von D Sinner Perfume.  Oh my gosh, I remember when she first released this perfume YEARS ago and fell in LOVE.  Unfortunately, that perfume that I purchased, I misplaced, lost, who knows.  Getting this sample has definitely helped me re-fall in love with this scent.  Once I work on some more perfumes, this will definitely be a repurchase for me! | Wet N Wild Under the Sheets Makeup Remover Towelettes

This product I have in my empties almost every month.  I love the Wet N Wild Under The Sheets Makeup Remover Towelettes.  The formula is great, works well for me, doesn’t burn my eyes, are inexpensive, and I can usually get them for buy one get one half off, or 40% off fairly regularly so I frequently stock up. | Beauty Blender Pro

Never thought I would finally throw my Beauty Blender Pro into an empties but after using it for almost a year and a half now, I thought it is finally time to let it go and use my backup.  Some people don’t feel a BB is worth the splurge, however, I have yet to try a beauty sponge that works as well as the Pro one or last as long.  For that reason, this will always be a repurchase. | Milani Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore-Filling Primer

Oh my gosh, the primer that never DIES!  The Milani Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore-Filling Primer took me quite a while to finally use up.  Great bang for your buck.  I have purchased this bad boy twice now.  Currently, I am trying other pore-filling primers, also from the drugstore, and am trying to figure out if this would be a repurchase in the future.  It works fine, reminds me of a good, basic primer.  Nothing spectacular, but not terrible. | Besame Cosmetics Vanilla Brightening Powder

This Besame Cosmetics Vanilla Brightening Powder ended up being quite gorgeous on the skin, especially on the undereye.  However, I’m not a fan of loose powders.  Loose powders are one of those products that for some fucking reason, I keep purchasing and never use because I am not a fan.  When I pressed this into a compact, damn, I could not get enough of it!  However, I don’t want to take the time to press it into a compact and for that reason, I would not repurchase. | FLOWER Beauty Seal the Deal Hydrating Setting Spray

Besides highlighters, I have quite a few setting sprays in my collection.  The positive, I love all of the setting sprays I currently have and I am sad to see this one go.  The FLOWER Beauty Seal the Deal Hydrating Setting Spray is a beautiful setting spray and considering the amount of product you get, I truly feel it is a great price point.  I think it’s around $14 for 3.4 fl oz of product, however, it goes on sale often, making the end price much cheaper.  Once I go through more in my collection, I will purchase more of these bad boys… or when I find them on sale, haha! | Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Fine Fragrance Mist

Yet another Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber Fine Fragrance Mist.  I am pretty sure this is the second one I have finished for the year.  I also still have one in my backup.  This has been a staple fragrance and body wash for YEARS for me, but then Bath & Body Works had to go and fuck it all up and are no longer cruelty-free.  So, I will definitely be looking for new scents soon. | Michael Kors Sexy Amber Perfume

Good lord, I honestly never thought I would see the day that I would finish a 3.4 fl oz, full-size perfume.  Like, never.  I’ve finished up around 5 or 6 roller balls, several samples, and even a couple of 1 oz perfumes.  So finishing up this 3.4 fl oz Michael Kors Sexy Amber Perfume was such a task!  I had fallen out of love with this fragrance, then putting in into a project pan it helped me re-fall in love with it.  However, not cruelty-free and would not repurchase.


Phew, so that’s it!  That’s all the products I finally managed to finish up and work through this month.  I’m so curious as to how many products I have actually managed to use up this year, unfortunately, I never kept up with the numbers throughout the year.  This upcoming year, my goal is to start writing down my empties along with the monetary value and this time next year together we can see what I did!  Well, I hope you all have a fantastic New Year’s and be safe!  Call a cab or Uber if you are going out and have a wonderful night!  See y’all in the New Year!

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    1. I’ve heard that same complaint about the RCMA powder. The Besame powder is truly a beautiful powder. A downfall to the product is the amount you get for the price, it is not a lot of product and it is around $22 I believe. The container looks larger than it truly is.

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