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Movie Madness Project Pan – Finale! | Movie Madness Project Pan FINALE!

Hey gang!  And happy Friday!  Hope all is well for you!  Everything is going well on this end!  Today I am here to bring you my Movie Madness Project Pan FINALE!  This project we got to chose between 4-6 items and base them off any movie.  I picked four because 4 is my lucky number.  I swear, it feels like I just started this project and now I am bringing you the finale.  I almost feel like if you want the year to go by faster, do a 3-month project pan and watch the time just fly by!  So before I babble on too much longer, let’s get into the products, shall we?

Please Note: This post DOES contain affiliate links.  Thank you!

Two products do not have updated photos.  The reason for that being I did not touch them ONCE during the last month.  Those products being my OPI Classic Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx (for the wonderful movie Hocus Pocus) and the Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Nahz Fur Atoo (for my beloved Dracula).  The nail polish hasn’t moved because I didn’t paint my nails at all the first couple of weeks in December, then I went a got my acrylics put back on (Lord did I miss them) and decided to be festive by putting on a sparkly red (China Glaze Ho! Ho! Ho! in case you are wondering).  The reason I haven’t been wearing the lipstick is the trouble it has caused me.  The couple of times I have worn it, I’ve had trouble with it bleeding out the lip line, fading extremely fast, and transferring everywhere.  I’m honestly coming to the conclusion that most red liquid lipstick shades do this and it is frustrating. | Movie Madness Project Pan FINALE!

Now moving onto products that I have made a dent on!  Here we’ve got the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream, which was in reference to the Silence of the Lambs and I’m sure you can guess why if you have seen that movie.  Throwing it into this project, I have made some steady but significant progress.  I feel I used up about 1/3 of the product and have about that remaining! | Movie Madness Project Pan FINALE!

The last product is because I’m a glutton for punishment 😉 which is in reference to my favorite movie of all time, Se7en.  It is the Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer.  Here is another product that I made steady progress on and I truly felt added up to great results.  The funny thing is, I don’t use much of this product and I feel I used up quite a bit in 3 months.  Honestly, though, these are all rough estimations.  I was scraping through the bottle trying to see where I possibly was.  This is the oldest concealer in my collection.  It is definitely a good one but I need to work through it before it gets funky!

So there we have it guys, my last project pan for 2018!  Granted, I only did 3 project pans this year, all towards the end, however,  I have done project pans in the past and never stuck with them.  Even though this project was not a complete success, the fact that I stuck with it through the end is huge for me!  I will take small accomplishments such as these!  Anywho, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to check out my finale and blog, I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I will hopefully see you back here on Monday!  Until then!

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