Full Face CRUELTY-FREE Drugstore. | Full Face Cruelty-Free Drugstore

Hey guys!!  Hope all is well wherever you are.  Last week, or maybe it was the week before last, I posted my Holy Grail makeup items and I received a comment from Immy.  She asked me if I had any drugstore or inexpensive makeup items that I was surprised by or really liked and it got the wheels turning.  I love drugstore makeup but I think because of YouTube I’ve been sucked into purchasing more high-end products and forget about the wonderful drugstore finds.  So, for today, I thought I would do a full face of drugstore makeup, cruelty-free of course.  If that sounds like something you’re interested in, just keep on reading.  And thank you Immy for the question and inspiration! | Base Products

For the base, I started out with the Milani Prime Shield Pore Filling + Mattifying Primer ($9.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  It’s a good, basic primer.  Does help me stay more matte throughout the day.  I must like it somewhat because I’m about to finish off my second tube of it.  It is not very pore filling though, just a good basic mattifying primer.  For foundation, I’m still getting a feel of the FLOWER Beauty Light Illusion Luminous Makeup ($13.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  A full review will be coming in the future, but I’m trying to get a feel for wear time, how it mixes with other products, how it works with a primer/without, etc.  Concealer, I pulled out my Wet N Wild Photofocus Concealer Wand ($3.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  I love this concealer, it works very well for me.  Although not brightening because it does match my skin tone, but does help cover the darkness around my eyes.  To set my under eyes, I’ve been using the Wet N Wild Single Eyeshadow in Brulee ($0.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  For my skin tone, it works beautifully.  To set the rest of the face, I use my much loved, ride or die, Milani Prep + Set + Glow Illuminating Transparent Powder ($9.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  I won’t stay too long on this part if you want to know more check out my Ride or Die post, but just know I fucking LOVE it. | Face Products

Now let’s move on to the rest of the face.  For bronzer, the Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer in Bronzer ($12.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link) is the way to go.  The Light Bronzer shade pulls too orange but Bronzer I can get to work beautifully on my skin.  It blends like a dream, gives enough bronze to the face, and smells divine!  For contour, I’ve been trying out the L.A. Girl Just Blushing Powder in Just Because ($5.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  It works well for my fair skin but on any deeper than me skin tones, I feel it would pull too grey and ashy.  Blush, well, you can’t go wrong with the Wet N Wild ColorIcon Blush in Mellow Wine ($2.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  Blends great, long lasting, and is $3 PEOPLE!  For highlight, I pulled out a blinding but goodie haha.  The Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette for Face & Eyes in Natural ($13.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  It is blinding, but oh so gorgeous.  You can blend any shades you want in this to create any type of highlight you need.  To set, I did about 3 to 4 sprays of my Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray ($9.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  This stuff is potent stuff, spray too much and you will look super greasy, 3 to 4 sprays are all you need! | The Eyes | Milani Soft & Sultry Eyeshadow Palette

Onto the eyes!  I’m using the Milani Soft & Sultry Eyeshadow Palette ($14.97 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  To start, I take the shade “Bare It All” all over the lid with a fluffy brush.  Then in the crease with a smaller fluffy brush, I take “Smokin’ Hot” and sweep that back and forth from the outer part of my eye to the inner part.  On the outer corner, aka outer v, I take “Untamed” and concentrate that more on the outer part of my eye, then lightly bring the leftover product into the crease.  On my lower lash line, I take the deeper shade “Untamed” and run that close to my lash line, then blend it out with a bit of “Smokin’ Hot.”  For my inner corner highlight, I tap in a little bit of “Diamonds & Pearls.”  To finish off the eyes, I take the Physicians Formula Killer Curves Mascara in Black/Brown ($10.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link) and line my waterline with the NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil ($4.49 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link). | Brows Baby!

Moving onto brows.  Now, if you have been reading a few of my posts, you know how much I love the Kat Von D Signature Precision Brow Pencil ($20 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link), however, that is definitely not drugstore.  However, the ELF Cosmetics Instant Lift Brow Pencil ($2 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link) is most definitely drugstore, one hell of a deal & value, and fucking amazing!  If you can find a shade that works for you (they only have 3, I know, I know) it is a pretty great brow pencil.  The pencil itself is thicker than most other pencils I have tried, so if you have super thin brows you might have difficulty with it, but I have thinner brows and it works great for me.  It is a little waxier than the Kat Von D product, so if you are a beginner you might enjoy this a lot more because I feel it would be easier to work with.  To set those bad boys I used the NYX Professional Makeup Control Freak Eye Brow Gel in Clear ($5.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link). | Luscious Lips

Last, but certainly not least are the lips.  For this look since I went more cool-toned, I decided I wanted to do a regular lipstick instead of my usual liquid lip so I grabbed out the NYX Professional Makeup Suede Matte Lip Liner ($3.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link) and the matching Suede Matte Lipstick in Moonwalk ($7.99 US Affiliate Link | Regular Link).  It is described as a greige, but it is a deep purple greige shade.  Reminds me a lot of MAC Stone.  And that’s it!

So that complete’s my full face using all cruelty-free drugstore products.  As you can see, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on makeup to look good.  I know on here I have talked a lot about higher-end makeup, but that’s because most I have already had in my collection.  Plus, my goal is to use most of my higher-end makeup up and stick to mostly drugstore products because I truly feel you don’t need to spend that much money on makeup.  Are there any cruelty-free drugstore makeup items that you love and swear by? Let me know in the comments!  I’m always looking to try and find some great drugstore products!  Well, that does it for me.  I hope you found this interesting or helpful.  Also, let me know, do you want me to show my face with the products on the skin, or is how I made this post okay?  I was trying something different, still trying to figure things out, so please, if you don’t mind, let me know what you’d prefer.  Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time!

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